Our heritage

The story of Vigna 61 begins back in 1955, when Lino Geromel planted the first vineyards and made his passion for the land a real profession.

His children and grandchildren who inherit his same passion are carrying on the business: here, grapes are grown with love and are transformed into wine with careful and professional methods.

The business continues in the 1990s thanks to his son Roberto, who combines the knowledge handed down by time and experience with new oenological resources, to create wines and sparkling wines in Treviso featuring
high quality.

It is 2016 when Marco Geromel inherits the business, along with a great knowledge: the goal now is to improve every day, always creating products of excellence through innovations in processing techniques.

Our wines

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Our land

VIGNA61 is located in Veneto, in the north-east of Italy, Province of Treviso, in the middle of Pianura Padana.
It lies 30 kilometres from Venice, the Serenissima Republic.

Our vineyards

The lands of VIGNA61 extend for a total of 11 hectares and cover three different areas, each one with different and precise geological
Carboncine (1)
This land, 3.5 hectares in the Municipality of Roncade, has a slightly clayey soil and a quite high presence of caranto. It is a very hard and compact sediment, of light brown or light grey color, is known since ancient times for its organoleptic contribution to wines: in fact it gives them intensity and character.

Breda di Piave (2)
The 5 hectares of the production area in Breda di Piave show characteristics of the area close to the river, with a large presence of clay and a smaller richness of caranto: this peculiarity gives
lightness and elegance to the wines.

Casaria (3)
In the 2.5 hectares of Casaria, the third vineyard area, we find a clayey soil rich in silt. Formed on drained marshes, it remains humid and poorly draining, thus restoring vigour to the vines, generous yields and an organoleptic
profile typical of the varieties grown here.




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